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Custom Software Development

RawData is a specialized custom software development company armed with the best engineers and strategists in the business. Our process is a continuous effort to bring dreams to life, push boundaries and break barriers through the power of technology. Our exceptional skills in leading languages like Python, JavaScript and its frameworks have allowed us to make this world a better place. Great lines of code can manoeuvre space shuttles, lead a blind man, help us understand our environment and empower a human by bringing the whole world on a screen in the palm of his hand. Let us write a code & change the world.


Challenge Status Quo

Our customers are always seeking ways to push boundaries, do things better and different. We see the world through their eyes and help them achieve that success. We are constantly challenging ourselves at RawData, to complex projects that add value while embracing the cutting edge changes to technology.

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High Output Small Team

Bring great people together and their leadership & skills have no match. We bring incredible people together with complementary skills and high work ethic to form small high output teams & deliver amazing work. Our HOST strategy brings great collaboration, faster decision making, better decisions, high quality results & satisfaction.

Our Process

Technology & Relationship at the core

Rawdata continues to challenge its potential and undertake complex projects. Our expertise in technology allows us to endure the challenges and succeed in our efforts. A value that we continue to commit towards is the relationship with our customer. Our high work ethic, transparency, state of the art technology & commitment to success has contributed to a great relationship with our customers. Our commitment to our customer and our success continue to be built around the human aspect of business and our technologies will continue to complement it.

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Finish Line & Beyond

We continue to offer services long after the product has been successfully launched. Products and services are upgraded and maintained as the business grows and our team is committed to assuring its endurance.

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