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As the mobile and tablet platforms continue to offer great opportunities for business, application development for each platform is expensive and time intensive. Advanced cross-platform development frameworks in recent years have cut down on development time and cost to a high degree. Rawdata takes advantage of the Ionic framework to develop complex applications in short amount of time.

Ionic is an open-source cross platform development framework built on AngularJS, Apache & Cordova. Rawdata exploits its potential in building amazing applications and Ionic offers speed, quality and multi-platform operability. We currently develop applications for the two most popular platforms, IOS & Android using Ionic framework.

Reduced Development Period

Quick to the Market

Built-in advanced features of the Ionic framework offer a much faster rate of coding, thereby reducing development time and cost.

Multiple Platforms

IOS & Android

Ionic takes advantage of AngularJS, JavaScript and allows the same code to run on multiple platforms without a glitch.

Performance Assured

Obsessed with Speed

Ionic is constantly updated to match the latest devices and their software. Minimum DOM Manipulation & hardware accelerated transitions allow efficient and powerful performance.

Thorough Test Labs

Operability to adaptability

Ionic Lab offers great testing environments to test the application on multiple platforms while assessing performance and running standard development tests. This offers quick bug fixes and change management.

Vibrant Community

Angular, Apache & Ionic

Ionic is built on very popular powerful open-source technologies including Angular & Apache. The vast worldwide community and support from industry giants like Google offer great stability & standard.

If the model doesn’t suit your needs and you require a native development for

iOS or Android

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