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JavaScript , AngularJS & Node.js

JavaScript(JS) is no stranger to the software industry but in the last decade, JS has seen unprecedented growth in almost all industries that require technology. The capability & reliability of JavaScript to operate in a dynamic environment with varying algorithms and to meet real-time demands have given JavaScript and its frameworks the title as the most popular scripting language on the planet. Its new frameworks have allowed the ability of JS to reach beyond client side applications and even meet server side demands.

JavaScript is found in devices all around you.
JavaScript found in all devices

Powerful JavaScript Frameworks

Frameworks provide high reliability, wide scope & short development period

Angular Js

AngularJS Framework

Angular is an open-source framework maintained by Google and a community of individual developers and institutions. Angular brings the flexibility of JavaScript but offers faster development time without compromising quality and plays well with HTML. This great tool set is fully extensible and every feature can be modified or replaced to suit your unique work flow. Angular offers great testing abilities to improve debugging and quality at even very early stages of development. Angular is the popular choice for many complex web applications of today.

Node Js

Node.js Framework

Node.js is an open-source cross platform runtime environment and is primarily used for building server side applications. Node shines in simple to complex web applications that either display or compute real-time data that is stored on a server and require two-way communication. It is also not isolated to certain enviroments like Flash or Applets and it plays well with all industry standard development languages and protocols. Node uses the CPU resources far more efficiently and can transfer many requests over a single thread. Reduced processing time, two-way communication & flexibility with Node.js has gained attention of even large companies like Yahoo, Microsoft, Netflix & LinkedIn. Great industry demand, reliability and trust from giant tech companies have cemented the future of Node.js.

More Reasons to Adopt JavaScript


Plays well with others

JavaScript has been around for a while. Its advanced frameworks and flexibility has made this scripting language a powerful development tool for the web. It can be used along with other development tools & languages.


It’s everywhere.

JavaScript has proven itself over and over to the world of its scale and capability. It is found even in electronic devices but now its heart is set on conquering the internet.

Real-time & Multitasking

It’s everywhere.

JavaScript is very popular today for its ability to run multiple processes in real time. Its frameworks have taken advantage of this feature and now you can create powerful & synchronized applications with JS.

Powerful Frameworks

Angular & Node

JavaScript has a multitude of frameworks that have spawned over the decade to improve development process but the two most popular and powerful frameworks are AmgularJS & Node.js. Our engineers will exploit the capability and scale of these frameworks to bring you state of the art applications.

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