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Our customers are unique in their requirements and they are often at different stages of their business growth. From the drawing board to opening up the products & services to the world market and continued expansions, we drive our customers to success. Our talented and hard working team & sophisticated operating capabilities allow us to perform at startup speeds.

Growing Small to Medium Businesses

Switching to higher gears

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You have proved the value of your business and now you are focusing on growth, let us help you develop and manage the challenging technological changes & bring your aspirations to life.

  • Scalability - As new challenges arise, we are equipped both in technology and talent to help you cope with demands of your industry.
  • Versatility - Our customers dwell in wide range of industries and the invaluable experience of our team bring that edge to our products.

Seed-Stage Startups

Drawing board to the Market

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The right technology partner can greatly increase the chances of your success with robust technology at the right cost entrusted in the right hands. We understand the challenges of a startup at every level and we work closely with the team to understand the value and drive your business to success.

  • Fast Development - Time is crucial to any business but to a startup it's life or death. We deliver our products & services on time at the highest quality.
  • Minimal Wastage & Efficient Coding - Designing, coding and work flow are meticulously & strategically planned to ensure quality, future expansion plans, controlled costs & all without sacrificing performance.

Matching Technology Seekers

Right Mix & Match

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The right technology or the building block of your product can define its potential and reach. We operate in the most popular and fast growing technologies running the internet business today. If you are seeking out the best technology or if you code like we do and would like our expertise, we are here to help.

  • Tech Gurus - Our passionate technology team operate at high standards and sophistication. We are aligned to your business value at all times and your requirements are clear and met at all times.

Code Salvage

Battling Code Pollution

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Your existing product, service or a piece of code that is built by another party may be improved and saved by our team. Though this is considered on a case by case basis, our tech gurus have saved businesses from vast unnecessary rebuilding costs.

Cross-Platform Projects

Reach across borders

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Mobile application development technologies have improved vastly in the recent years. Now it's possible for a company to launch its app across multiple platforms with reduced costs and development time with the Cross-Platform development tools.

  • Ionic Framework- RawData has adopted Ionic to develop its cross-platform applications & build state of the art applications at reduced time and cost to the customer.

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